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MetaTrader 4
The best platform solution for all investors, amateur and professional, MetaTrader 4 will be your most trusted guide in the Forex world.

GCM MetaTrader 4
Fast, functional, user friendly
Meta Trader 4 trading platform is a widely used station that offers solutions compatible with any investor profile, regardless of the level of proficiency involved. Client architecture is designed to support high-speed trading, which precludes any delay, slippage, or communication problems regarding orders. It responds to your position requirements as quickly as possible, even in highly volatile markets. A highly practical interface and shortcuts offer you the best interface to guide you in Forex markets.

Widely used and convenient
Today, a large number of the investors trading in forex markets prefer Meta Trader trading platforms. This software, which caters the needs of any group of investors is used by large numbers of investors, thanks to special features included. Naturally, there are numerous documents, reviews and studies regarding the software is available on the net. It is no coincidence that there is a wealth of information regarding any feature of the program.

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Meta Trader 4 is fully compatible with automated trading systems. The users can both find thousands of automation scripts on the net, and apply them on their accounts, and design their own automated trading systems in line with their investment strategies, thanks to the integrated programming feature of the software.

Testing against historical data
You can measure the success of the automated trading strategies you develop, by testing against historical data. You can calculate what would happen in any period of time you will determine, if your strategy was applied automatically; which positions would be opened or closed; and what would have been the current level of your starting capital.
Ease of entering orders
Entering and changing orders as well as establishing profit realization and stop-loss points is very easy on Meta Trader trading platform. You can shape your order flow in accordance with your preferences, using more than one method, and shortcuts of your choice. You will immediately notice any changes, thanks to its quick-use features.
The consequential stop feature can be used efficiently
The consequential stop feature that allows profit maximization by monitoring price changes regarding exposures in the black, is very easy and functional on Meta Trader 4 trading platform. This allows achieving the highest possible profits by monitoring the trend for the position.

The interface can be fully customized and shaped in line with the usage habits of the investor. This allows the investor to enjoy trading through a software that matches his/her habits perfectly, as part of a platform that can be customized in accordance with the personal preferences of the investor.

Detailed technical analysis tools
Hundreds of technical indicators and advanced charts are integrated into the software to allow the best technical analysis experience. Chart tools and technical indicators catering to any and all needs can be placed and modified easily on the price charts. The only factor that puts a limit to the technical analysis performance is the depth of the investor's perspective.

Meta Trader 4 offers the most sensitive solution for the privacy of personal data. 128 bits encryption is standard for the platform infrastructure. This helps secure the client's private data, as well as provide a secure environment for all trading activities. The clients can receive their personal passwords only through their pre-defined e-mail addresses. GCM never discloses clients' private data to third parties, including the employees of the firm.

Ease of saving and using templates
It is very easy to save all customizations on the price charts, and to apply them on other charts as well. All color schemes for the backgrounds and factor variables, added indicators, and other features can be saved with a single click as a new template. Later on, these templates can be easily applied on any other chart.

Advanced reporting power
At any time, you can view reports of all your trading history or only the transactions for a specific period, print these reports, or export them to open in another application. The reporting pages present all the information you need, in a clear and comprehensible manner. You can also get detailed reports to review your trading strategies.

Multi-account function
The clients who have multiple accounts can easily access all their accounts and trade via a single Meta Trader 4 trading platform. Switching accounts is instantaneous and it is very easy to check one's positions.

Don't lose contact with GCM
Thanks to the contact features integrated into the platform, you can quickly receive our announcements and warnings, and access our analyses with ease.
We strive hard to ensure your success, and try to make critical information available to you without another software or channel.

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System Requirements:
  • SSE2 compatible CPU
  • 512 MB Ram
  • Windows XP or newer operating systems
  • 64K internet connection